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冯枳力Evan Feng

  • 冯枳力,电影摄影师

  • 2022 美国电影摄影师协会(ASC)传承奖得主

  • 2022 波兰Camerimage 主竞赛 - 电影学院奖 - 提名

  • 2023 金馬學院 - 入選攝影師

  • 2021 年本科毕业于美国查普曼大学,师从Bill Dill, ASC; Johnny Jensen, ASC; Jurg Walther

  • 参与拍摄作品曾入围多国影展,其中包括: 学生奥斯卡 Student Academy Awards, 美国导演工会学生奖DGA Student Award, 美国摄影师协会传承奖ASC Heritage Award, 柏林电影节ARFF, 罗德岛电影节 Flickers' Rhode Island, NEW ERA 青年电影季等 

  • Zhili (Evan) Feng, Cinematographer

  • 2022 ASC Student Heritage Award Winner

  • 2022 Camerimage Main Competition - Film and Art School Etudes Competition - Nominee 

  • 2023 Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy - Selected Cinematographer 

  • Zhili earned his BFA degree at Chapman University in 2021. He studied under mentors such as Bill Dill, ASC; Johnny Jensen, ASC; and Jurg Walter

  • His works were selected and won in many international film festivals, including Student Academy Awards, DGA Student Award, ARFF, Flickers' Rhode Island, NYFFTY, and New Era Film Festival

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As an outstanding cinematographer, Evan Feng mesmerizes audiences with his works, offering visual astonishment and artistic pleasure. His talent and creativity have made him a highly regarded figure in the indie film industry, making remarkable contributions as a next-generation young filmmaker. Whether portraying realism or conjuring fantasies, Evan Feng's unique perspective and technical prowess breathe life and evoke profound emotions in storytelling.

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